Whether it's the America's Cup, the kiters, catamarans or the Moths; It seems that the hydrofoil is literally taken off in the sport of sailing, the thrill and the silence ... flying. Float over the water, as in the good old days, where you will sail in almost all circumstances. Windsurfing at full speed in 8 to 10 knot conditions with small sails is now possible. Foiling offers a whole new dimension to the sport, because it gives great sensations of freedom, stepping on the water if you would not otherwise. A fantastic revolution! But not only that. With a lot of wind it gives a completely new dimension to the sport. Difficult? No, with a well-adjusted foil it is certainly not difficult. When you have found the influence of the body weight and the correct position on the board it is flying and enjoying.                                                        I like to ROCK.

And this is the ROCK FOIL

                                                                                                    ROCK FOIL 


                      Rock Foils Composites

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                       9645-KX Veendam


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